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– Words: Gerard Craner. Photos: Sebastian Voll.

The Honda EG Civic is one of the most popular cars in the world for enthusiasts to modify with wheel, suspension and exhaust upgrades turning simple runabouts into the pride and joy of owners everywhere. Benji’s Civic started its life in much the same way. Three years ago he needed a new daily. He found a completely stock EG online and bought it for a bargain. Quickly falling in love with the shape and style of the car, it came off the road and into the garage, and Benji began his two year build.

He started with the power unit, getting rid of the standard B16A for its older brother, the B18C2. The engine’s rods, pistons, valves, oil pump and injectors were all upgraded to Type R spec, while the car’s intake was replaced with a Skunk 2 manifold and Autoworks cold air system.

Power is fed to the gearbox via an Excedy heavy-duty clutch, and exhaust gases sent through the Buddy Club Spec 2 exhaust system, giving it an unmistakable raspy Honda note.

The car’s light body and short wheelbase lends naturally to suspension upgrades, something that Benji hasn’t ignored. His matched BC Racing suspension with a DC2R front sway bar, BC Racing rear control arms and an ASR rear brace.

There’s something we really like about the spiked bolts which Benji has used for the mounts and coilovers. We’ve seen spiked lugs and bolts for aftermarket wheels, but not often for the engine bay. Hate them or love them, it’s the small and often inconspicuous touches like this that make a build truly unique and your own.

Of course, the car sits nice and low with a set of lightweight 15×8 Diamond Racing wheels. To keep the car out of trouble, braking is handled via slotted and drilled Stoptech discs and Project Mu pads on all corners.

Recaro seats from the EP3 Type R keep Ben and his passenger firmly in place while the Civic’s stripped-rear holds a custom four-point cage – you know, in case things don’t go to plan.

Overhead, Benji’s chosen to install a picnic blanket ceiling lining. Why? Because like the rest of this build, he wanted the car to stand out amongst all other modified civics, to do things a little differently.

Up front he handles the steering via a teal DWS Parts x Grip Royal Limited wheel and has upgraded the dash to an EG6 cluster. Underneath the dash stores the relocated battery helping give the engine bay a cleaner look.

The car’s exterior features a BYS front lip and BYS carbon Kevlar spoiler, carbon APR Performance mirrors, flared arches all round, and is finished in a custom cream gloss paint job.

Benji’s managed something really cool here. Combining practical, well-considered performance mods with simple, attractive exterior upgrades, his created a car that is at home in any setting. Show and shine? Check. Daily run-around? Check. Quick sprint up the mountain? Check.

Benji’s got his partner and family to thank for this, plus Vinnie from Street Class Racing and all of his mates for helping along the way. At the time of writing, Ben has pulled the car off the road once more. Not satisfied with it just yet, he’s going to get stuck-in to some more mods before it returns bigger and better than before.


1995 Honda EG Civic

− NA B18C2 1.8L
− Type R rods
− Type R pistons
− Type R valves
− Skunk 2 camshafts
− Ported and polished head
− Moroso Sump
− Type R oil pump
− Type R injectors
− Skunk 2 Pro Series intake manifold
− Skunk 2 radiator
− Autoworks cold air intake
− Hondata engine management

− Buddy Club Spec 2 exhaust system

− 5-speed manual
− Exedy heady-duty clutch
− S2000 clutch master cylinder
− Downstar braided clutch line

− BC Racing suspension
− DC2R front sway bar
− Hardrace camber kit (F&R)
− BC racing rear lower control arms
− ASR rear brace

− Slotted and drilled Stoptech rotors
− VTI-R calipers front
− EG6 calipers rear
− Project Mu pads
− Chase Bays brake line relocation
− 15x8in Diamond Racing wheels
− 175/50R16 tyres

− EP3 Type R Recaro seats
− Black painted dash
− Still Hood gear knob
− EG6 cluster
− Custom four-point cage
− DWS Parts x Grip Royal Limited steering wheel
− Battery relocated under the dash

− Custom cream-gloss paint
− Flared and pumped quarter panels
− Raised shock towers
− BYS front lip
− BYS Carbon Kevlar rear spoiler
− Carbon APR Performance wing mirrors
− Shaved cam cover
− Rywire wiring relocation