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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Stefan Trajkovski.

Batten down the hatches! The Tectaloy International Drift Challenge is hitting Sydney this Saturday! Contenders from all over Australia and New Zealand will be here to compete for top honours. Last Friday night’s Twilight Drift at Eastern Creek was a star studded affair, as it provided a last minute chance to get out on the circuit ahead of race day. One big name taking full advantage of this opportunity was Beau Yates, the defending champion.

Beau has a long list of achievements, and definitely represents the cream of Australian drifters both here and overseas. His Toyota AE86 is one of the most impressively setup vehicles to ever compete.

Beau has been drifting in the car for years, all the while refining the Toyota’s formula to the near perfect stage it’s at now. Different engines have come and gone, and these days it’s a true engineering marvel underneath.

Power comes from a dry-sumped, turbocharged, Beams 3SGE Toyota motor. Rebuilt with forged internals, it’s supported by a bevy of Hypertune bits and pieces.

The list of custom Hypertune parts supplied for Beau’s car includes the intake manifold, fuel rail, intercooler, radiator, oil cooler, exhaust manifold and exhaust system.

Other components include a GCG/TiAL 3076R turbo, two 44mm TiAL wastegates, SARD 700cc injectors and Haltech engine management.

On the night, things seemed to be running well, with Beau running consistent laps and showing the same sort of form that put him on top of the podium in 2010.

No doubt there will be a lot of pressure from an even more impressive field of entrants this time around compared to last year. Mad Mike in the Red Bull FD RX-7 looks (and sounds) especially menacing with his naturally aspirated quad-rotor setup.

Beau’s car has been through a handful of appearance changes, with the current look being our favourite. The D-MAX widebody is coated in classic white with fluro Rota wheels adding spice under the guards.

Last year, Beau’s hachiroku was running 14psi through the 3SGE and making 260rwhp. No doubt it has been tweaked further in the year since then and could well be making a lot more.

The driveline features an R154 gearbox sending power to a Tomei 2-way LSD in an F-series Tarago housing.

The suspension is all custom made to Beau’s exacting requirements. Brakes are largely stock save for the Skyline calipers in the rear for the hydraulic handbrake.

Be sure to make your way out to Eastern Creek on Saturday if you can. It will be on another level entirely compared to last years groundbreaking event.

Special thanks to Stefan Trajkovski for these photos. Feel free to leave a comment at the end. Stay tuned!