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– Words: Jason Hanif. Graphics: Melvin Tang.

You probably know our motto here at T-LD: ‘Less is More’. We try not to throw it around too much in the articles we write, but it so accurately sums up our attitude towards modifications that sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Tony’s EK Civic below could not fit the bill any better. Such a simple setup, but oh-so-perfectly executed. If there is one thing we want to make clear, it’s that you don’t necessarily need rare parts, huge power or a six figure budget to build a cool street car, you just need class.


Tony commutes from Sydney’s outer suburbs to the CBD in his Civic seen here. “My car is basically just about nice fitment with OEM parts replicating the EK-SiR. The unique wheels make it pop,” explains Tony. His BBS RS wheels do indeed set the car off in a colour combo different to most. They’ve been restored and re-barrelled to 15 x 8 +12.3 sizing. You can read all about the restoration process over on RAW Works.

Currently, Tony is in the process of once again re-barrelling the wheels to be wider, whilst also taking the opportunity to re-spray the centres. Given enough interest, we’ll be sure to bring you a full feature once he’s finished. Until then, click the link above to download a desktop sized wallpaper version of this shot.