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If you’re a regular visitor to you would have noticed that our past LOWDOWN babes all having something in common (besides being models); they’re all Instafamous. You’ve no doubt seen them on your screens at some point before.

It’s for that reason that we we’re quite surprised to have only recently stumbled across Yovanna Ventura, especially considering that she has amassed an Instagram following of over 2.5 million!

Nineteen year old Yovanna hails from Miami, Florida and like many models these days, has used Instagram as her portfolio for modelling agencies. It wasn’t untill she was spotted with Justin Bieber back in 2014 when her following grew out of control. With such a large following, surprisingly not much more is known about Yovanna.

To keep up-to-date with Yovanna Ventura, follow her on Instagram.

Photography by Martin Murillo.