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I think it’s fair to say that almost every Aussie male in their childhood years dreams of becoming a racecar driver. There’s something about the speed and aggression of motorsport that lures us in. For very few this dream becomes reality. Jimmy and Benny from BYP are amongst that select few.

A week or two ago we brought you our initial article on the Backyard Performance crew and their EG Civic. Since then we’ve been following their progress through testing and tuning in the lead up the the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge. More recently we went along to Eastern Creek to watch them run a few sessions on the same track that they will be competing on come May 21st and 22nd.

The early sessions were extremely busy with over 35 cars running in their class. Later in the afternoon things became quieter which allowed the BYP boys to clock consistent times in the 1m:45s bracket. A best compile from their lap timer showed a possible ~1:44 if everything came together on the same lap. Exceptional given the tired Advan 048 semi-slicks the car was running.

All in all it was a strong showing given that the current setup is still in it’s infant stages. Plenty of big changes are set to take place between now and SuperLap which should see a further reduction in lap times. These changes include a new intake manifold, limited slip differential, new tyres, new fuel tank and plenty more.

The BYP boys have already begun the teardown after this last round of tests. A final shakedown will take place just a couple of days before SuperLap. We’ll bring you our fully fledged feature with photos of it decked in full race specification about that time.

Find the full set on our flickr.


  • anth says:

    LOVE the opening shot!

  • Alexx says:

    Final shot is money in the bank.

    Nice writeup guys!

  • byp Jimmy says:

    Thank guys! Car still in pieces atm hopefully be ready for a some shakedown prior to superlap.

  • Ray says:

    This car looks badass!

  • Paolo says:

    More updates on this car please! Keep it up BYP!

  • Afton Baute says:

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