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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photo: John Zhang.

Around the world in every community you’ll find car owners and clubs who separate themselves from the norm. Diversity is the key to stitching together a unique crowd. We’ve seen trends come and go, but passion for cars themselves will always remain. John Zhang demonstrated that point recently by gathering a varied group of modified car enthusiasts in support of Autocon in California.

Come December 10th, these cars and plenty more will have descended on Irvine, California to support a good cause. Autocon is run as a charity event providing donations to less fortunate individuals and families during the holiday season. The majority of cars pictured above belong to the Royal Origin crew, a team initially started by a group of friends with similar tastes. The Infiniti G35 sedan and 1-Series BMW coupe are both Canibeat feature cars, with the 1-Series belonging to John himself.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome John Zhang on board as our newest contributor. Specialising in automotive photography, John is one of the main contributors for our friends over at Canibeat. For those that don’t live in California with access to the luxury of a John Zhang feature shoot, you’ll be pleased to know he also offers editing and rendering services. We look forward to seeing more of his work on the pages of T-LD. Until then, you can find a hi-res version of the shot above by clicking this link.


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