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Automotive die-cast manufacturer AUTOart has announced an impending release of the 1992 Bathurst 1000 winning R32 GT-R, set to be available in a 1/18 scale.

The model being produced rose to fame from the infamous 1992 race which was won for the second year in a row by Jim Richards and Mark Skaife in the Gibson Motorsport Winfield Team Nissan Skyline (Australia) R32 GT-R. Held on October 4, 1992 the race was stopped 18 laps short of the full race distance due to a rainstorm.

Towards the end of the race, the car was deemed undriveable due to heavy rain which had caused a number of crashes as the final 18 laps approached. The GT-R had already hit the wall once suffering extensive damage, before sliding off the track to join several other cars that had crashed off-course at Forest Elbow’s that day. Despite this, Jim Richards and Mark Skaife took the number one podium position as they were in the lead car.

The race was surrounded by controversy at the time, as the majority of spectators were Holden and Ford fans. Upon entering the podium, the crowds booed winners Jim Richards and Mark Skaife leading Richards to express his thoughts on a live international broadcast. “I thought Australian race fans had to a lot more to go than this, this is bloody disgraceful. I’ll keep racing, but i’ll tell you what, this will remain with me for a long time. You’re a pack of arseholes.” Richards later apologised for his comments.

Whilst their die-cast models are generally quite detailed, this one does not include Winfield logos on the bonnet, doors or bootlid. The 1992 Bathurst winning model is expected to arrive in April and can be purchased from AUTOart Australian distributors, including Biante.

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