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Auto Fabrica’s latest creation is the epitome of less is more. Running only the bare essentials, this Yamaha may seem simple in form at first, but take a closer look at the details and complexity will begin to unravel.

If you aren’t familiar with Auto Fabrica, most of the work that comes out of their workshop only has the minimum running gear that is required. As you begin to flick through all of these images, it’s easy to see why that is.

The shop owner who built the motorcycle, Bujar Muharremi and his team started out by hand sketching their concept, then moving onto Photoshop before turning screen pixels to metal.

“We spent a lot of time trying to balance clean graphics with highly complex and organic surfacing, to achieve a clean yet interesting design”, says Bujar.

The Yamaha’s XS650 frame has been modified with the headstock lowered by two inches to create a top line flowing from the headlight to the rear cowl.

The rear wheel is built on the standard hub, with 18-inch alloy rims finished in stainless spokes. At the front are 19-inch alloys, with a custom brake switch located on the TLS arms.

The forks have been finished with stainless steel covers and the engine has gone through a complete rebuild with 0.5-oversize pistons. The exhaust pipes were then handmade in stainless steel.

The result of all the work carried out by Bujar and his team is a simple and sleek creation, with intricate details leading to an industrial design. To see more from Auto Fabrica, visit their website.