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Following the announcement of its brand new R8, Audi has now revealed its race-bred lighter and safer R8 LMS.

The new LMS race car, previewed at the Geneva Motor Show has been presented to meet the requirements of new GT3 regulations, set to be introduced in 2016. Despite the additional weight added due to new chassis stiffness and seating technology, the R8 LMS has been reduced in weight from 1,250 to 1,225 kilograms.

The 5.2 litre 430kW (585 HP) V10 engine from the new Audi R8 is incorporated into the new LMS and remains nearly unchanged. A rebuild interval is scheduled at each 20,000 kilometres.

Whilst the engine may be incorporated from a regular R8, the production Audi Space Frame is modified and completely new bodywork is made of carbon fibre. The suspension uses wishbones strictly designed for racing and the six-speed transmission with paddle shifters is a completely new development.

Aerodynamically, there’s a fully lined underfloor and a conceptually integrated rear diffuser. As a result, the dimensions of the rear wing can be reduced without a corresponding increase of aerodynamic drag. The wheel wells, which are open rearwards via a larger cross-section contribute to improved airflow.

The new R8 LMS has established a new race car generation, being lighter and safer than before. It is scheduled to race at 24-hour endurances on May 16th and 17th at Nürburgring and at Spa on the 25th and 26th of July.