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This weeks LOWDOWN babe is a self-proclaimed online personality who has amassed a strong fanbase on Tumblr and Instagram; Alysha Nett.

Originally from Kansas, Alysha Nett started modelling back when MySpace was the social king. Alysha explains ‘When MySpace started, everyone thought they were a model. So people would take my pictures and I thought it was fun. Then I dated somebody for a couple years who was actually a really great photographer and he kind of taught me how to be a better model. I took those skills with me and used the Internet and I just tried to make it happen.

From the MySpace bandwagon, Alysha moved onto Tumblr where she soon discovered other people’s blogs posting pictures of her, ‘so I decided to turn my blog into content about my work and what I’m doing and it’s gone really well for me. I jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon just in time.

Like many models, Alysha’s success has pushed her to move to LA to further her modelling career.

You can follow Alysha Nett on her Instagram and Tumblr.

Photography by Martin Murillo.