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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

The car community around the globe is constantly changing and evolving. Trends come and go with every second that ticks by, but the holy ‘car meet’ is always the foundation of our scene and the best way to meet like-minded people. Here at home in Sydney, we’ve seen such a change in the overall quantity of cars and people involved in local automotive related events. To help keep things moving in the right direction, the All Stars brand has been launched.

Rewind only a year, and All Stars was merely an idea. The brand aims to unite the diverse niches of ‘car guys’ through low-key, no-ego shows. The warm summer season is just about to kick off here in the southern hemisphere, so All Stars promptly put together a ‘Spring Picnic’, and Sydney delivered.

Cars of all makes, models and styles rolled in early in the morning to fill the grassed area of a suburban park. The built Midnight Purple R34 GT-R above was one of the first cars to catch our attention, and it took away the ‘Best JDM’ award.

Clean lines on Dale’s Built To Order S15. It’s been finished off in matte white, which emphasizes the craftsmanship of the modified and widened Vertex Ridge kit, fabricated by Pete at Bodyform.

Tarik, owner of Sydney based wheel distributors, Built To Order, recently finished off his EG Civic pictured here. Those who appreciate USDM influenced Honda’s will love this. The K20 transplant’s been wire tucked with a number of Chasebays products to tidy up the engine bay.

The matte white, pink and carbon combination works well on Tarik’s car and it’s pleasing to see something fresh on our streets. Being a wheel supplier means you’ve got free reign over custom wheel options. He’s finished off the centers of his VIP Modular wheels in a matte pink to suit the rest of the cars façade. You’ll see the full feature here in coming months.

Can anyone guess the degree of camber this thing is running? We weren’t kidding when we said All Stars aim to bring together all makes and models.

One of the cars in our garage is a B8 platform Audi A5, so we were all over this A4 that drove down from Queensland. Ty’s been using his Avant wagon for promotional purposes, getting the word out about his new company Forge Wheels. It sits perfectly on air suspension, and Ty doesn’t hesitate in rolling around on the street as pictured here.

The revised look on Hendra’s WRX, which debuted at Showcased, is as aggressive as we can envision any bug-eye. It’s still on AME TM-02’s, now in different specifications, has a revised wide-body, new lip and canards along with a new bonnet and cage. It’s a purpose built raw car and we love it.

In contrast to the raw WRX is Zomaya’s widebody Evo. We watched each panel of this car arrive at Bodyform, and eagerly witnessed the car being put together by perfectionist, Pete. Zomaya has followed a clean OEM approach and successfully pulled off the widebody aspect without overdoing it.

Both Hendra and Zomaya have plans to work on their engine modifications next. Zomaya’s still puts out 300kW at all four wheels, but we reckon he won’t wait much longer before we see the motor stroked and rebuilt. We’re about to spend quite some time preparing full features for both Hendra’s WRX and Zomaya’s Evo, so stay tuned for those, which will have more information on the cars in the upcoming weeks.

Another Vertex Ridge S15 by Bodyform. This one here’s owned by painter Sam, who also runs G&S Bodyworks, specializing in paint. It’s no wonder this car is immaculate.

The Volk GT-C’s compliment the lines of Sam’s S15 well. The hues of orange and yellow in the paint are reminiscent of those in Ras’ RX-7, which Sam also painted.

We featured Michael Chew’s R34 GT-R a while back, and the car still stops crowds in their path. It’s now got a roll cage and Z-Tune guards. For those interested, Michael’s selling his beloved project. Get in touch if you’re curious.

Our mates over at Xtreme Motorsports brought out enough cars to fill up their dealership! We’ll focus on a few of their rare imports, beginning with this Mazda Cosmo, which we also saw earlier this year at Showcased. Check out the classic lines and mesh SSR’s. This one’s a keeper!

Here we have Joe’s new RH9 GT-R. It’s a V-Spec II NUR which was delivered just a few days before the event. The white on white TE37 style never ceases to amaze.

For those who aren’t familiar, the RH9 club is an elite group consisting of cars built and tuned by specialist workshops. These cars, including Joe’s here, are capable of a quarter mile pass inside the 9-second bracket on street tyres, and in full trim. We’re sure that Joe will put that to the test soon, which should make for interesting comparisons with his brother’s 320kW V-Spec II, pictured to the left of this frame.

We envy some of the cars in Joe’s personal collection. Owning the import dealership at Xtreme means he can hand pick some real gems from Japan. Alongside the newly acquired RH9 is his Hakosuka, perfect for Sunday drives when nostalgia hits.

A more serious RB engine bay you simply will not find in a road car. This R34 GT-R is running an RB28 from PowerTune, and gets driven on the street regularly, even making it as far as Queensland for the recent Jamboree where it destroyed all in the off-street drags.

Aaron’s M3 is one of the cleanest and best executed European cars out there. The DTM inspired style flows well with the timeless E46 chassis. Click the image for a high-resolution version and check out those fenders!

Clean new STI on TE37-SL’s. Changing the chrome style tail-lights on a standard version to these red tinted ones is one of the first things we’d do to this model. The titanium quad exhaust sits perfect too.

Nothing like a bit of sunshine to get that carbon fibre looking sharp! We’re big fans of this wide, low and dished S13.

Another car rolling on new wheels courtesy of Built To Order, this time it’s Gerwin’s CU2 Accord Euro on VIP Modulars.

Built To Order brought enough new stock with them to put a few of their latest on display.

Our mate Rey’s V35 with polished SSR wheels is awesome. We’re hoping to see more from this stable now that Infiniti has officially launched down under.

Christina’s bagged Golf sitting pretty. We’ll never get bored of it.

Dub’s new E30 convertible, just in time for summer! It’s the little things that count when adding to your car, and we love that Dub pays attention to this in his builds.

House of Stance is setting the standard for fitment in Sydney. Chook’s GS is one of our favourite cars from the fitment scene. Again, VIP Modular wheels pre-measured and custom built to specifications, ensuring his lips sit on the guard.

Another Honda influenced by USDM styling, the colour on this fresh EG Civic with Spoon brakes has to be seen in person.

Jimmy’s FD has come a long way since he bought it! He’s added a whole lot new mods including those sweet CE28s.

Nick’s MX-5’s looking a little more colourful than when we last saw it. Still slammed now with orange accents!

Now how about this for cool. We love VW culture.

Nico’s targa-top NSX ready for the warmer months.

The crew from Xtreme Motorsports also convinced Indy from IS Motor Racing to bring out his GT-R. It’s been approximately three years since this car last left the workshop.

One of our very own, Mitch and his R32 GT-R, spot on choice of RPF1’s and a clean well rounded car.

Sergio’s infamous S15, now on AME TM-02’s. We quickly caught up with the Capozzi brothers, Sergio and Claudio on the day to chat about where they intend on taking the All Stars brand. “It’s about bringing everything we love about cars together,” they explained. “Uniting different genres, makes and models and bringing back the social aspect is important to us, and we hope to do this in a laid back relaxing atmosphere.”

The Capozzi brothers would like to thank all who attended, those who have supported the brand from the beginning, and those that continue to. “We’ve got a lot planned for the near future, and a lot of exciting things locked in, so stay tuned for that!”. That’s about it for our coverage of the All Stars Spring Picnic. There’s plenty of cars that we may have missed, and we apologise for not getting the chance to get around to each individual one. Leave your thoughts with us below, and let us know which were standout cars for you.


All Star of Show – Hendra Parulan’s Widebody WRX
Best Team – Xtreme Motorsports
Best V8 – Stephen Brennan’s 68 Mustang
Best Nostalgic – Joe’s Hakosuka Skyline
Best JDM – Empire Aero Midnight Purple R34 GT-R
Best Stance – Nic Yanni’s Lexus JZ IS
Best Euro – Aaron Vumbaca’s E46 M3