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– Words: Ryan Lewis & Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

Meguiar’s MotorEx is now Australia’s largest and most prestigious custom car show. Last weekend Sydney Olympic Park hosted MotorEx for the twelfth year and it was the biggest and best yet. Every year the organisers couple the epic hot rod and street machine show inside The Dome with a display of genuine street cars out the front. This year our mates at All Stars took the reigns and invited some of Sydney’s best road-registered rides to show up and be part of it.

All Stars aims to unite the many varied car cultures in Australia through universal appreciation for quality customisation and modification. Saturday’s display was a reflection of their diversity. Previously referred to as Real Street Blvd, this year All Stars was given free reign to hand pick the vehicles on show. That meant choosing sixty vehicles via pre-registration, then getting them lined up in front of MotorEx. Here’s a selection of what the All Stars crew brought us.

We’ve seen this car getting around a lot lately, and that makes us happy. A super clean TA22 Celica on show here with a number plate homage to the motherland.

Yuki’s FD RX-7 is really clean. Those who saw our recent feature on Ras’ RX-7 will know how much we appreciate this Mazda chassis.

Troy’s S14 was grabbing people by the retinas.

Even some Japanese exotica made it into the show.

Van’s S15 is sick. The ride height is crazy, but the wheels, tyre writing and colour combo with those red seats seal the deal.

Dom’s R33 is coming along bit by bit every time we see it. It’s the only time we’ve seen a huge hillclimb-esque double wing on the back of an R33.

Lots of the guys with their cars on display found something nearby that they had never seen before.. the yellow Mustang here, outnumbered by the JDM rides either side.

If you’ve been to any Sydney car events lately you’ve probably seen Stephen’s fitted Evo.

Ryan Suter’s AE86 is immaculate. It was his birthday on Saturday and he celebrated by bringing his mint hachiroku down to MotorEx.

Troy’s car was a real star of the show outside, mostly because it’s only just been finished off recently.

Much of the impressive work on this car is in the details. The wire tuck in the engine bay makes everything else under the hood look even better. Wheel tubs are soon to be welded in up front followed by a bay respray.

Work Meister S1 3Ps in 18×9.0 and 18×11.5 would have you staring regardless, but in Troy’s signature colour we love them even more.

Xtreme Motorsports brought out their Hakosuka for the day which is getting closer to completion.

Looking pretty cramped inside this Mazda Cosmo is Joe, the owner of Xtreme Motorsports. Check out the vintage SSRs.

We first saw this Cosmo at Showcased. It’s a first generation model (’67/’68) and a very rare sight in Australia.

Built To Order had a lineup of vehicles both outside with All Stars and inside The Dome for MotorEx. First off we have Christian’s HSV Commodore Maloo, sitting on VIP Modular VR08 wheels.

The rear wheels on his ute measure 20 x 10.5 with a 3″ lip. More fitted Aussie-made cars is a good thing!

Chook’s GS300 sitting on VIP Modular VXS-210 wheels.

The quality, detail and finish of these wheels must be seen in person. Check out the optioned presidential hardware bolts surrounding the outer face of the wheel.

Geoff’s cast Rotiform BLQ wheels were sitting pretty on his VW Golf.

Most of the rides inside MotorEx lean towards a very different style of customisation, so no doubt a few eyes and minds were open with cars like these just outside.

Luke’s S2000 is as clean as they come.

Here’s an example of the diversity out front. Kelvin’s Toyota Ruckus alongside Joe’s Cosmo and C10 Skyline, a 386kW turbo S2000 and a Mazda RX-3.

RB26 love in this 600hp, GTX42-equipped R32 GT-R.

Nico had two of his cars out for MotorEx; the NSX-GT on Saturday and his ‘BATM4N’ Lamborghini Murciélago inside the exhibition hall as part of the All Stars/Zen Garage display all weekend.

Another R32 with a stout looking RB26 lurking between the strut towers.

There aren’t many other events where you’ll spot a track car like Shane’s Gorilla Industries Supra parked up next to a pimped out Chrysler 300c.

Keeping out of trouble over to one side was the mental BYP EG Civic race car. These guys know how to make quick Hondas, so stay tuned to this build in the near future.

Just down the road we spotted Scott Schembri’s infamous Blaze Unit 180SX looking especially fancy in it’s new livery.

On the trailer behind it was Jabbit’s 415kW, 2JZ-powered S15, the other half of the Blaze Unit crew.

From 1930s hot rods to S-chassis drifters, that’s the spread on offer at MotorEx. We had a blast out there with the All Stars crew, so if you missed it, be there in 2013! Coverage of the inside main arena of MotorEx will be up shortly, including the ‘Top Six’ All Stars cars and Zen Garage stand. Stay tuned!