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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Sunday of this weekend past was a gorgeous day in Sydney, made all the more special by a huge group of JDM cars getting together for All Japan Day. While this event has been a mainstay in Adelaide for the last three years, 2011 is the first year that AJD has had a Sydney leg. Thankfully it was well received, and what we saw on the day was worth braving the scorching hot sun.

Sydney has a lot of meets throughout the year, but All Japan Day is different in the way that it runs. It’s designed to be a show rather than a meet, but it is made as accessible as possible for fans and spectators, with no fences or roping off allowed.

Entrants were required to arrive early and stay there until the early afternoon to keep disruption to a minimum.

Fonzy’s car above causes a stir every time it leaves his garage. The man is completely dedicated to the culture even turning up in costume to the show.

We counted no less than six R34 GT-Rs at All Japan Day. Each one was exquisitely modified. The number plates above are perfect for this Bayside Blue example, finished off with gorgeous Volk RE30s.

Panda Trueno AE86s will never go out of fashion. This one rolled on genuine Watanabes and looked the part.

Some of you may recognise this Vertex Ridge wide body S15 from our previous feature article.

The plates have changed but the epic stance remains with Volk TE37SLs pushing out of the guards.

Cars were parked close together and getting up close was easy. It made spotting the real rarities a little harder since every display was so unassuming.

World Time Attack competitor, Shane, had his former T-LD feature car on display in full race livery.

Further improvements since WTAC have seen Shane net consistent 1:05s laps at Wakefield Park.

The challenge now is to drop times even further, and get back to Eastern Creek for another crack.

This R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur is one of the rarest and highest spec models to come from Nissan. The family who own it are very proud and were happy to chat about the car to anyone interested. It sat perfectly on Nismo’s finest LMGT4 rims.

The only white GT-R on the day was Steve’s KSR R34 that we first saw nearing completion at our 1st birthday bash.

Reggie’s NA8 MX-5 is sporting new tyre writing on the Bridgestones and has more JDM goodies on it than just about anything else.

Frequent trips to Japan by the previous owner led to one seriously big mod list, and Reggie has been making the most of it on the track and off.

Next to Reggie was Guy’s NC MX-5 rolling on Enkei RPF1s. Guy has fitted extensive amounts of carbon fibre to the car including the side skirts and front lip.

The latest addition to Fonzy’s TA22 are these victory blast pipes – the perfect accessory for any kyusha car.

Another former feature car, Chuey’s GT-R is back in Sydney. Pretty soon the Bride interior will be joined by a Cusco half cage and Takata harnesses for a rainbow of JDM treats. Look out for this R34 on the track at Wakefield Park early next month.

JDM aficionado and all-round good bloke, Kevin, had his Skyline out in the sun. It’s an awesome thing to see something so special just sitting side by side with the other entrants. The S13 you can just see to the left of the Skyline is probably the cleanest Silvia of its vintage in Australia.

We could do a whole other post about the unique vintage stickers and badges at the show. This old Sport Corner decal is one of our favourites.

In the background of this shot you can see just how packed the car park was, and there was as much quality out there as there was in the show itself.

The second Bayside Blue R34 on the day had a huge set of Volk TE37SLs under the arches, plus some neat OEM additions.

The diversity was really something special. In this shot you can see the GT-R from above, an RX-2 Capella on BBS rims, a really wild NA MX-5 with huge wide body over fenders, some old school Celicas, and FD RX-7, a vintage Toyota Crown on airbags and a mint, original Mazda 1300 with historic rego. How’s that for variety?

These two Celicas arrived together and could easily have won a prize for ‘most original’ had there been prizes to give away!

This fastidiously maintained ST185 Celica GT-Four is a tribute to rally cars of yesteryear. A truly iconic piece of motorsport history.

We can’t get enough of this Capella. The BBS RS wheels are such a unique choice for this type of car and they suit it perfectly. More of this please!

Steve’s GT-R is one of the toughest street cars we’ve ever seen. It’s currently up for sale and we wish we could afford it. The body work is perfect with Z-Tune front guards, carbon front lip and carbon bonnet painted to match the body with just the vents left exposed. Beautiful.

Rolling stock is a simply gigantic set of Volk GT-Vs in millimetre perfect offsets. Such an ideal combination and not one that has been played out.

The day was a huge success and no doubt organisers will look at hosting it again in 2012. Be sure to keep an eye out because this show is not to be missed.