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Born and raised in South Florida, Laura Elisa hails from a Brazilian and Italian heritage. Not having her parents around growing up, Laura grew up with her older brother, which ended up giving her the characterisation of a tomboy.

Focusing on gymnasium for 8 years, Laura had the goal of participating in the Olympics until she dislocated her knee three times, which unfortunately ended that dream. Lucky for us, Laura’s strong ambitions to attempt everything ended up her coming across a hobby she never imagined pursuing; modelling.

At the age of 22, Laura started to feature in commercials, magazine spreads, interviews and several photo-shoots. In the middle of 2011, all of her success was put on hold as Laura became internally sick that disabled her to continue modelling for 2 years. Attempting to return to modelling in 2013, Laura herniated 2 discs in her back lifting at the gym.

Now at the age of 25 and despite her setbacks in life, Laura remains determined and strives towards her goals to pursue a lifelong hobby of modelling. You can follow Laura achieving her goals via Instagram.