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With the recent announcement of the highly anticipated new GT40, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to see what the previous platform has had to offer.

In standard form the supercharged 5.4 litre V8 runs 12psi to produce around 373kw (550hp), but this example is equipped with a Heffner twin-turbo package.

Replacing the supercharger with twin-turbos, the package retails at $34,999 USD ($45,000 AUD) and promises a power increase of around 200kw bringing it a whopping 573kw!

Upping the boost to 18psi the standard water-to-air intercooler is used, but more surprisingly there is no need to rebuild the engine. The only problem we can think of, is getting that much power to stick on the tarmac.

Photos: William Stern.