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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Simon Nguyen.

We’ve been waiting a long time to see a national drift series return to Sydney. Since the demise of Oran Park there have been more than a few hurdles to jump, but finally the impossible has been made possible, and the Australian Drifting Grand Prix is ringing in a new era. This long weekend the stage was set for an epic showdown on the new South Circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park. Recently completed, the far section of this new piece of tarmac is a great spot for competitors and spectators alike. Here are some shots from the pits and from the All Stars Show & Shine up on the trackside hill.

What made the Drift Festival so special was the collaboration between clubs and the track management to make it as open as possible.

The wet skid pan and figure eight practice tracks were running as well as the main circuit.

In the pits we saw plenty of cars we’d never laid eyes on before.

As this was the first time a drift event was open to the public on the new circuit, people drove from all over the state (and interstate!) to be part of it.

Brett Reid’s current sled, as wide as they come and slammed over Weds Kranze.

Beau Yates has a big history on the old Eastern Creek track, but proved that he’s still at the top of his game in his freshly redesigned AE86.

Beau’s boosted 3SGTE makes his car one of our favourites.

The new South Circuit has it’s own self-contained pit facilities that spectators could wander through.

Mmm. Work VS-XXs on Juzzo’s S14.

Rob Whyte, the 2012 ADGP champion, had some engine troubles in the days leading up to the big day, but got out on track and held his own.

Another shot of Brett’s widebody 180SX.

Last minute refreshments before hitting the track.

Up on the hill at the side of the circuit was a show and shine put together by All Stars.

Around 100 cars lined up on the grass with a perfect view of the track.

Recently highlighted on our blog, Stephen’s Evo was looking good.

Another well fitted Evo 8 with it’s chin in the dirt.

Theres’s no hiding our love for any S-Line Audi, especially this S5.

Nice to see a couple of awesome E30 BMWs on the hill, this four-door was killing it.

Cusco bracing showing itself through the front grille ..

.. and a cheeky set of orange Works under the guards. Nice.

Finished just in time, Areis’ bagged Civic was looking proper parked up. Definitely a nice start to the long weekend!