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Known for creating cars that are unique in style whilst maintaining comfort and convenience for everyday use, meet premium tuning house TopCar’s Carbon Edition 911.

Using the aggressive looking Stinger GTR 911 as a base, the company has now presented its own take, with a whole lot of carbon fibre.

Based off a Turbo S, the complete offering replaces 90% of the cars exterior parts, comprising of 24 high quality carbon fibre parts.

Making the car bolder in appearance, the front includes a new bonnet which flows through to the modified front bumper and splitter package. New side skirts, doors and rear quarter panels are fitted with a more prominent fixed rear wing and modified rear end.

The interior hasn’t been left untouched either, with a redesign featuring 24 karat gold elements and Nappa leather. Performance is increased by 60HP and the car is fitted with a set of ADV.1 wheels.

Due to the high complexity of the project, TopCar specialists are only able to assemble two cars per month at their premises. If you’re keen, the body kit alone will set you back approximately $75,000 AUD and is available now from TopCar.