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Creator and Designer Andries Van Overbeeke from the Netherlands has brought us his vision of the 2017 Red Bull Formula One concept which explores the design, proportions and regulations of Formula 1 in the near distant future.

Andries vision was influenced by a metaphor; “There was once a time when the racing world was ruled by savage beasts. They were captured just before the snowy season, when noble brave men had one winter to tame this creature. After months of championship battle, a handful of the best animals were kept for another winter of training, while the others were set free again.

The metaphor continues and can be read in full here. So what does all of this have to do with Andries vision? Well he believes that Formula One cars were much more innovative then they are now, always pushing the rules and experimenting with aerodynamics and mechanical improvements unlike today where the field looks almost identical in design.

Like many Formula One fans, Andries has many ideas on how to improve the pinnacle of motorsport and some of those ideas mean changing rules, not just to improve safety, but to make the racing more competitive and entertaining.