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– Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital. Video: TEN80P.

You never really hear too much about big car shows going down in Melbourne. Our neighbour state is rumoured to have many hidden gems, car builds of the highest quality, but public knowledge of their existence is as equally scarce as their appearance on the streets. Recently, it took just one well-executed event to bring all those cars out in force. Welcome to a new era of automotive events: 100mm.

Call it a tuning car festival if you like, 100mm had the right mix and ticked all the boxes. CBD surroundings, gourmet food stalls and the best cars and clubs on show. Finally a Melbourne show that captured the perfect atmosphere.

T-LD have been waiting quite some time for an excuse to drive down and visit our southern friends and 100mm provided the perfect opportunity. Zomaya’s Evo made its first public appearance in Melbourne and we hope the crowds were pleased to see it in person.

It had to be seen to be believed! This rare prime example of the legendary F40 was on display.

Here we have Vu’s S15 in its latest form. The DT Panels owner recently traded his R34 GT-R for this, which has already seen ample track time.

This clean S2000 was one of three on display under the track-orientated team Nakama.

Phuong’s S2000 was the second. It seems that a hard-top, rear diffuser and Voltex wing are musts these days!

There are more than enough photos of this car floating around the ‘net, but here’s one more to add to the pool. Zomaya wanted the car to still pay homage to the stock body lines of the Evo IX.

Widebody Supra’s always prove to be show-stoppers. Steven’s JZA80 took out second place in ‘Best of Show’.

Plenty of spectators crowded around the F40 throughout the day. It was great to see the random passers from the CBD stop to appreciate all the metal on show.

E30 Tourings are rare down under as we never got the wagons delivered locally. This one has been in the build for a little while and we’re loving those gorgeous Schmidt TH Lines.

The owner had clearly put a lot of time into the wire tuck under the bonnet. Not especially known for being good looking, this was one E30 bay we could get used to seeing.

Our mates from ESTBLSHD had a great selection of cars on display. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re massive fans of Reece’s Camry.

Plenty of examples of modified 86s are already getting around Melbourne and here’s one. Loving the Voltex wing.

What we wouldn’t give to take a spin in this clubman isn’t worth having. Love the vintage Lotus livery.

Clean V35 that we couldn’t take our eyes off. Quality over quantity was the key for 100mm and ensuring each car was hand picked made for a killer show.

Can’t go wrong with SSR wheels and a big brake kit.

Jose’ Golf took out best interstate award. Believe it or not this Mk2 was brought over to Aus all the way from the United Kingdom. The attention to detail is a cut above, a truly elite build.

This bagged Ford F150 truck was one of the headliners of the show, and took away first place ‘Best of Show’.

As immaculately clean as the day it came out of the showroom is Ronnie’s Porsche.

What’s a car show without promo models? Here we have the fine Just Car Insurance ladies.

Feast your eyes on one of our favourite Supra’s in Australia at the moment. Three and a half years in the build equates to what you see before you. Apart form the fabrication work, owner Crawford explains to us that everything including the full strip of the undercarriage and detail was done by himself.

Power output from the 2JZ is 310kW to the rear wheels on a mild tune.

When asked about future plans or whether he’s content with where the car is at, Crawford explained, “I’m actually considering selling this to do another Supra, but a Top Secret GT300 wide-body”. Could this steal the show at next years Certified perhaps?

Millennium Jade V-Spec II NUR captured during bump-in. Check out the Garage Defend canards!

Quite a few GT-Rs were out on the day, here’s another clean one caught during bump-in.

The V35 we shared earlier, less is more!

Picking the right set of wheels and ride height is crucial to achieving the look that completes any car. This V35 is perfect.

Here’s something we never expected to see, an E30 BMW with an RB30 turbo in the ‘bay.

Our mates at GripShiftSlide dubbed it ‘Drift Frankenstein’. Power to the rear wheels is just a shade under 300kW.

We wonder if there’s another one like it anywhere in the world. It even looks the part with those aggressive wheels sitting over E36 5-stud converted hubs. Nice.

Here’s a team you need to get familiar with. Nakama is essentially a time attack crew who are all about getting out there and enjoying themselves. Member, Vyet explains “We aren’t pros, it’s all a bit of fun for us and a great way to tie us all together”.

Moving onto some of the cars, we’ll start with Phuong’s S2000. You saw a sneak peek of it earlier and here it is again, a prime example of a street-driven and track-proven car.

His extensive parts list is made up of the best quality available, with many leftovers and additional parts in his garage.

One of our favorites in Australia is Vyet’s S2000, its been on the pages of T-LD many times before, though its great to see it always evolving.

Henry’s Evo looking incredibly aggressive. You can’t miss that Voltex front lip, watch out for your shins!

Equally aggressive is Lon’s MX-5. Bronze TE37Vs under black paint is the perfect combo. The wing from Charlie’s MX-5 (T-LD Street Car of 2012) is now at home on this car. Oh, did we mention the owner’s a girl?

The priority given to desirable JDM parts here is obvious, quality all ’round, as seen on Duy’s JDM front DC2R, which is part of a tight-knit group to Nakama, known as FYS.

Another shot of Vyet’s S2000 thrown in for good measure. The cream colour (officially Platinum Pearl White) must be seen in person!

Two clean S-Chassis’ to finish off the combination.

The biggest draw card for those attending 100mm was the opportunity to see the huge diversity of Melbourne’s automotive scene on show.

Close up shot of Vu’s S15 detailing carbon canards and Project Mu brakes.

Clean Supra spotted during bump-in. The iconic shape has proven to be a classic.

We managed to sneak a peak under the bonnet too.

Most of our time during the day was spent in awe over at the Tyrepower Hawthorns stand. This M3 was a personal favourite.

TE37 SLs, carbon front lip, rear diffuser and of course the Active Autowerke’s supercharger kit. Heaven!

Tyrepower Hawthorn owns the exclusive rights to ADV.1 wheels, who need no introduction.

The second car on display was this late-model V10 R8, which has also been modified. We’ll share it in more detail on an upcoming post.

Close up shot of the ADV.1 5 deep concave.

A number of other wheels were on display for the public to get up close and personal with.

For those who demand more Supras via our social media, here’s another we spotted, clean and simple.

The diversity of cars on display captured in one shot. There aren’t many car shows that offer this kind of variety.

Arguably the best era for JDM machinery, Crawford Hill’s Supra alongside Chris Skevo’s FD. The only question is which one you would take?

Zomaya’s Evo had crowds gazing at the one off custom kit throughout the whole day.

Another E30 proving just how desirable this now-classic chassis has become! Clean examples are getting hard to find.

You might be surprised to know the car this model is sitting on looks exactly the same. The owner has the best of both worlds, when not driving the real thing there’s an RC to fill the void.

The last thing you might expect to find at a predominately JDM show like 100mm is vintage Americana, but there you go.

Classical combo, NSX and GT-Cs go hand in hand. Great to see one out on Melbourne streets.

This KE25 was a real treat. Incredibly well presented with the requisite bolt-on flares. Historic rego is a good move for this weekender!

Here’s a closer look at the Millenium Jade R34 GT-R (and those Garage Defend canards!) we captured during bump-in earlier.

Just awesome. SA22 RX-7s are severely underrated out here as far as nostalgic JDM styling is concerned. Super popular in Japan, there are few examples in Australia that truly do justice to how good they can look. This is one of them.

This windscreen motto is one we could get on board with!

Vyet’s S2000 is perfection all ’round.

Vintage 911s are soaring in popularity these days, with good reason. Fine examples are attracting big prices, buying a neat one of the right model is a worthwhile investment.

The Volkswagen scene is gaining momentum out here as international cars start to influence modifiers in Australia even more.

100mm spectators were lucky enough to see two big build Supra’s side by side.

In case you were wondering if there’s any truth to the plates. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Great to see a range of all makes and models, the CR-X lives on!

Troy’s Polo GTI is one of our favourites. Troy gets around to shows all over the east coast of Australia which is something we love to see!

Hamann PG1 looking absolutely spot on under the big guards of this neat E46.

100mm is a concept born from the ideas of four forward-thinkers of different groups. Aiming to fill a void within Melbourne’s automotive enthusiasts, it expanded on all aspects of entertainment too.

Part of that was including a full-blown flash mob! “Our plan was to host a small event to test the waters. But as we shared our concept it quickly evolved and grew into all the elements you saw at the festival – delicious food, awesome bands, a flash mob and a broad range of modified cars”, explain the co-founders of 100mm.

The organisers attempted to change the general consensus the public has about automotive enthusiasts. The aim was to eliminate the negative stereotypes by introducing the concept of a vibrant, positive car scene to individuals who may not necessarily be interested in them. Securing a location right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD was the first step.

The three teams (apart from Jose’ Golf) representing Sydney were House of Stance, Built To Order and T-LD. Here’s Joshua’s R32 Golf with new SL600 wheels. Perfect choice for the OEM+ touch.

Kennedy’s S14 sporting spot on fitment.

The interstate drive is approximately nine hours between Sydney and Melbourne, and half of the crew made the trip on static suspension!

Built To Order’s VIP Modular range on display, these must be seen in person to distinguish the unparalleled quality.

Under the bonnet of BTO’s K20A EG Civic.

We finally had the chance to get up close and personal with Shaun’s daily driven R34 GT-R V-Spec II. For those unfamiliar with this car, we suggest you head over to the recent feature at ESTBLSHD.

A comfortable 349kW is produced at the rear treads, more than enough for the commute day in and day out we reckon.

Trade stands and demo cars were spread around the perimeter of the venue to grab attention from the general public.

Mr. Zomaya manning the T-LD tent!

Our first public display in Melbourne proved our shirts to be a hit! Thanks to everyone who came by and purchased merchandise for their ongoing support.

If you missed the chance to grab T-LD tees and stickers, be sure to head over to our online store.

With such a vast range of cars on display, we want to hear what your favourites shown here are. Be sure to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

Award presentations closed off the day as the sun set over Birrarung Marr and the Melbourne CBD. Final positions can be found in a list below.

T-LD would like to thank Melbourne and all involved for being such great hosts and pulling off a great show. 100mm was an event to remember and there’s no doubt we’ll be back shortly for another chapter. There’s plenty more coverage to come via our social media, so make sure you’re tuned into our Facebook page for more updates. If you’re still after more coverage, be sure to check out this video by TEN80P.

100mm presents ‘Certified’ 2013 Trophy Winners.

1st Place – Best of Show – Jamie Smith – Bagged Ford F150

2nd Place – Best of Show – Steven Mikikis – Widebody Toyota Supra

3rd Place – Best of Show – Nathan Neophytou – Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II

Best Interstate Entrant – Jose Castro – VW Golf MK2

Best Car Club – Team Frush

Peoples Choice Award – Simon Harrold – Holden TD Gemini