– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: John Zhang.

Owning your own aftermarket parts business is a pretty ideal scenario. Not only do you have loads of mods at your fingertips, you’ve also got the perfect excuse to buy yourself a supercar. The crew at Rotora Brakes in the United States know the drill. This GT-R is their exquisite demo car, and it doubles as the test bed for anything they can make for the R35.

So many companies have upgrades available for the R35 that building a tasteful one requires a keen eye. Rotora are all about ‘Luxury Exotic’, which is exactly how we would describe their efforts here. They have teamed up with a host of quality manufacturers to put their demo car on the map.

Behind the beautiful Advan wheels are Rotora’s carbon-ceramic brakes. Up front, 380mm rotors are clamped by enormous six-piston callipers, with a 350mm and four-piston combo at the back. Pirelli rubber completes the rolling stock, and KW coilovers drop the big body over the top.

The GT-R’s unique exterior comes from Veilside in Japan, and nails the luxury styling Rotora were looking for. Carbon vents on the front-end look stunning against the Hakone white paintwork. The kit includes a carbon wing, side skirts and rear under wing.

Performance upgrades for the GT-R include a full MXP exhaust system which has improved the GT-R’s noisemaking ability, reduced weight and given an extra 40hp at the wheels. Exotic car modifiers, Lucent Motors, did their bit to extract even more from the VR38.

Not a bad way to get around, that’s for sure. If our business was making parts, you can bet your bottom dollar we’d be rolling in style like this.

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