Welcome to THE-LOWDOWN.com! We‘re all about clean lines, fresh paint and flush fitment. We’re hoping to turn this website into an online showcase for automotive events and the best cars in and around the local scene here in Sydney, Australia.

Run by Jason Hanif, Ryan Lewis and Adam Bruce, we have all types of media and production covered. The photography will take priority with shots covering track events, monthly meets, dyno days, club cruises, featured cars and more. We’re passionate about our scene here at home, and want to use our platform to share some of the finest Australia has to offer with the worldwide community.

If you have any feedback, we’re keen to hear it. The ‘CONTACT‘ section of this website allows you to get directly in touch with us. Also feel free to e-mail us at info@the-lowdown.com – we will check periodically and take on board all comments and criticism. Obviously we want the content of this website to be the content you want to read, so the more feedback the better.

The ‘GARAGE‘ section of this website will show you what we drive everyday. We believe in our ‘less is more‘ motto, keeping our cars low and clean. Cars are our obsession, and this lifestyle is our passion.